Newsletter Launch!

The March 2016 Newsletter featured these fabulous courses and companies, share with your friends.

Life Design | ProjektX   

If you’re considering a change, a new focus, you want to get out of your current career and want to choose your future, look outside the matrix, be free. You can 🙂

Doing a Life Design workshop is a quick and simple way to create the future you really want. Pause your busy life for just 5 hours and mind map your way to clarity.

Features of the workshop:

  • Mind mapping, timelines, vision boards
  • Life changing group Q & A sessions
  • MeSearch* study – explore your history and values

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Experiential learning that you will remember forever
  • You will leave with an exciting vision for the next 5 years of your life
  • Action on the day = tangible results before the end of the workshop

I did this five hour course two weeks ago and already I’m jumping for joy with the changes I’ve put in place. It’s a crazy $100 for five hours, no brainer. Do it. Another great opportunity to live in action… For more information and to grab a ticket to the next event, click here.

Creative Insight Journey | Captar Vida Newsletter

The late Steve Jobs, Philip Knight – founder & CEO of Nike Inc and Ken Oshman, co-founder & CEO of IBM Corp are all speakers and supporters of Creative Insight Journey (formerly called Personal Creativity in Business at Stanford University), and that’s me just picking a few names.

In Corporate America, the course is given as an exit strategy when someone gets fired. It was also gifted to all of the widows of 9/11 as a way for them to rebuild their lives. Pretty powerful stuff eh 🙂

Please put your hands together and congratulate Julie Ashby on bringing it here to Australia, for us! In fact it’s right on your doorstep in Sydney. She will guide you on an 8 week course into you … yup, internal this time not external. We’re all very good at looking externally for the answers, and really we have ALL the answers inside of us. This course gives you the strength, knowing and insight to your Journey to Self Discovery. Reconnect with yourself. Create an Extraordinary Life.

You can find out more here, go on – give yourself the gift, You’re worth it.

Luminesce Skincare - Stem Cell Technology

I came across this skincare range in the bathroom of a girlfriend’s house back in November 2015. The easiest way to describe these products is simply this, they’re bloody fantastic. I keep getting told how incredible I look and who doesn’t like that!

I have been using the products for just under three months now and it’s honestly revolutionised my skin. The company, Jeunesse, won a Nobel Prize for the technology and they are the only network marketing company who in their sixth year in operation made the same in revenue as Apple and Facebook! 

I am DEFINITELY one to shy away from anything Network Marketing, however through using the products I am totally won over. A few friends have now tried and tested the products, in my bathroom and they have signed up immediately. No joke. That’s how good this stuff is. 

I bought the cleanser, serum, day cream and night cream. There is no need for a scrub or toner, the cleanser acts as three in one. These products are organic, active and seriously I FINALLY understand what they mean when they say the skincare ‘sinks’ into your skin…

Let me know if you want to come test the goods! This is a perfect opportunity for you to use, touch and feel the products – I know that’s how I like to see whether products are right for me, as I’ve got sensitive skin. Message me if you want more info though and I’ll shoot you an email.

You can make money through this opportunity. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s passion and perseverance. Action and reaction. There are people who have been in this business for 18 months and are making $6-8k per month. Your first six months will obviously be more like $1k per month – so don’t give up the day job yet, but build the foundation and create a business slowly, I am. 

Captar Photo | Captar Vida Newsletter

And … lastly, I want to offer you an exchange for referring my photography company to others. Whatever I get paid by the person you refer me to, I’ll give you 10% of what I get paid, as a gift of thanks from me to you for the introduction.

This is my creative outlet, I just LOVE it. I shoot Weddings, Events, Family, Babies, Events, Parties, Products and one of my favourites – Food. If you’d like to know more, give me a call, shoot me an email or just click here. Below are some recent images and for your knowledge I do a few things;

Captar Photo | Weddings
So … that’s the first edition. This is all just fun in the name of sharing! To that end I would LOVE your feedback, your emails recommending me to speak to your friends who have amazing skills and talents for me to share with others and anything else you’d like to say. I value any criticism, it’s all about growth and evolution.
Big love, Katie xx

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